lunedì 28 febbraio 2011

Celebration for John Paul II's Beatification

Dear Friends,

John Paul II’s Beatification: What a Wonderful Gift to the World
"The Vatican has announced that the beatification of Pope John Paul II will take place on May 1, 2011. When a miracle has been credited to a Christian they are given the title of “blessed”. The healing of Sister Marie Pierre Normard who suffered from Parkinson’s has been approved by the Church. This is the miracle that will bring John Paul II a step closer to sainthood. Why is this event important to the faithful? Why should the average Christian be interested in the making saints? After all, does this affect my life and family? This blog entry attempts to answer these questions. (The diocese of Rome has set up a special website called for the upcoming event.)"

We hope you read the rest. We tried to
celebrate this event by providing the visitor a resource to better
know John Paul II so that we too can try to get closer to Christ.
Please do spread the word.
June 12/ 2011@ 4pm 
St. Peter Church Woodbridge 100 Bainbridge Ave. ( 850 seats)
John Paul II's Beatification

with international professional singer 
Michiko Hayashi( La Fenice Venice) &  S.Marco Choir

(Original musics composed By Giovannina Menin 
& dedicated to   Pope John Paul II & Mother Theresa)

Present Fr. Thomas Rosica   
CEO & National Director of the World Youth Day 
during the Visit of Pope John Paul II, in Toronto in 2002; 
CEO of Salt and Light Television.